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USAA’s FHA Program

Lately we have received a couple of questions from Realtors who heard USAA can do VA loans for relatives of veterans, such as parents or children.  This is not the case.  Only veterans can get VA loans, with the exception of the unmarried surviving spouse of a deceased veteran.  USAA’s program is branded the  ”Military Family Home Loan” and is a joint venture with Wells Fargo.  This is simply an FHA loan through a Wells Fargo subsidiary and is NOT a VA loan.  When there are no other options, FHA may be a good idea, but it is important to note that it is typically the most expensive loan program available due to the mandatory upfront and monthly mortgage insurance.  Bottom line… any lender who can do an FHA loan can do a “Military Family Home Loan” since it’s the same thing.  We get that USAA is trying to offer more options, but members would prefer they put more time and money into improving their delivery of VA loans.

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